7 Day Kindness Challenge Day 1

Hi Everyone!

I had such positive feedback from my 7 Day Kindness Challenge on my Facebook page that I would like to share it here for those who missed it.

Welcome to Day 1 of the 7 Day Kindness Challenge 😍💃🧘‍♀️💋

7 Day Kindness Challenge


Instead of focusing on being kind to others (as I am sure we are already doing this) we will be directing our love and kindness inwards!!! This will fill us up with positive energy, restoring our depleted reserves 💗 By doing so we should have tons of energy by the end of the week to share with those we love and those who like to take away our energies.

So let’s get started with Day 1 YAYYYY!!! Now please keep an open mind with my first request…

When was the last time you saw your Doctor??? I want you to pick up the phone and make an appointment. If it’s been more than a year make an appointment today!!! If you are not happy with your Doctor find a new one. If you don’t want to see a traditional doctor, call a Naturopath, a Nurse practitioner, a Holistic Practitioner or your Priest/Pastor/Rabbi or other spiritual person. I will tell you why…

For several years I could not find the right Dr. I swear I saw every doctor in Fort McMurray trying them on for size. At last I found a compassionate caring Dr. who took the time to listen and actually looked me in the eye. I received excellent care and trusted him with my health. Alas, he moved away and I began the process again. I settled for a Dr who rarely looked up from the computer screen. When I tore my calf muscle and was in a wheelchair he did not examine my leg. Luckily for me the nurse was amazing who took care of my lady needs. I was not feeling well often and for months went through tests upon tests to be told it was just early menopause. I was told “Take these vitamins and exercise”.

Well years went by and I did not feel better. While in Newfoundland after the fire and my Dad passed away, I had a dream that my body was full of poison. It was disgusting, horrible and I could see it clearly, Like black tar. It disturbed me but I still didn’t go to the Dr due to my horrible experiences. So I was feeling tired, dragged out with no energy everyday. I just accepted it! Recently I could not get up from the couch, walk, then I could not raise my arms. I got the message and went to the walk-in clinic. I met a very compassionate Dr. who listened to me and did not rush me. He put me through tons of tests and found some issues which we are working on. Diet and exercise has helped as well but we will get to that on another day.

I also have an amazing dentist who is trying to save a problem tooth that would probably be better to let go of as it has been filling my body with infection. I suspect this is the majority of the “Poison” I saw in my dream.

So tell me your thoughts? Have you been holding off on seeing your Dr? Will you be kind to yourself and get your parts checked out? If no let’s have a discussion why not?

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