7 Day Kindness Challenge Day 6

Welcome to Day 6! How’s everybody doing out there? Feeling well rested, hydrated, pampered, meditating, easing into exercise, creating wonderful things?

7 Day Kindness Challenge


Today is all about learning something new  Think about something you have been curious about, wanting to try but have been afraid or think you will look silly or be judged by others. Maybe you have wanted to take a course on astronomy, psychology, medieval history, wondered how the phases of the moon work, how to build a boat, how to trade stocks, learn Russian, how to build a greenhouse or raise chickens. Maybe just maybe you want to play the ukulele, play roller derby or learn how to use bear spray while an enormous black bear is bluff charging you. It’s all possible today.

I firmly believe that learning something new wipes away the cobwebs in our brain, allows the parts we haven’t been using in a while fire up creating some excitement in our bodies and lives. It also feeds our curiosity, makes us younger and gives us interesting things to talk about with others.

Coursera offers some wonderful free courses like Lifetime of Happiness, How the Brain works, The Philosophy of Buddha, I have taken them all. I enjoy free online courses to feed my soul and mind. Being a business owner I visit the ATB Entrepreneur Centre here in Calgary several times a week to take workshops in Marketing, SEO, Sales etc…, Meetup groups on Networking, Clients, LinkedIn and other Social Media. I listen to Soundcloud, watch videos on YouTube on loads of subjects. I also like to visit Chapters or the library then wander around until something jumps out at me. Here are some pics of the things I am learning about right now. I’m interested in what you will be learning about today and can’t wait for all the awesome posts on this.   


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