Shades of Positivity Energy

Do you often find yourself attracted to the same colours when out shopping/perusing Pinterest? Do you have these colours scattered throughout your home or wardrobe?

Subconsciously over the past few months I have chosen colours of green, yellow and orange to outfit my temporary home as well as for clothing and accessories.

Green brings forth a fresh beginning, birth, awakening, a feeling of being alive.

Yellow evokes sunshine, warmth, love, gentleness.

Orange arouses a change of seasons, joy, spirit, fun, free spirit, spiciness.

After the fire while rummaging through the donation room at Civeo camp I found a North Face zip up hoodie in an earthy green. I also found some funky leggings, one being infused with a lively pattern of green, yellow and orange. I also found what I now call my security blanket, a wool fringed well-loved shawl of oranges and browns. It kept me warm as I shivered from “cold” in the camp. I often reach for it at night or those early frigid mornings. It brings a smile to my face.

When we temporarily relocated to Airdrie my dear longtime friend Stacey sent me a care package of beautiful sentimental items. These items contained a Pitney Bowes jacket fashioned of the same earthy green as the hoodie. This also brought a smile to my face of the shared years and memories at PBL with Stacey.

I returned from St. John’s after my Dad passed away to a new temporary home as the Airdrie house sold. To make the large living room space consisting of beige walls more homey I went off in search of some colourful decor. I returned with a luxe taupe faux fur throw, pillows of cheerful birds in yellow, green and muted orange as well as pillows in white and orange circles. Another trip returned a large earthy green round platter for the coffee table, an opulent gold lamp and green elephant.

It seems my Chakras were crying out for help.

Green helped to balance my energies, reduced the sorrow I was clinging to since my Dad’s passing and the fire, increased love, empathy and compassion by balancing my Heart Chakra.

Yellow allowed me to feel cheerful, enjoy the things I loved again, brought back my personal power, strength, self-worth and courage by balancing my Solar Plexus Chakra.

Orange assisted my creativity, emotional balance, passion, freedom and intuition, by balancing my Sacral Chakra.

What colours keep popping up or surround you that make you feel alive?

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