The Message of 555

Glancing at the time I noticed it was 5:55 p.m. I needed to start supper but wanted to finish a Throat Chakra post on my Rare Guiding Energy Facebook page. I wrote about speaking the truth and showing your true self. I was on a roll, so I wanted to keep going.

I love seeing numbers in triplicate as it’s a message from the angels. I quickly I looked up the meaning of 555. It basically means a profound change or changes are about to unfold. I chuckled, rolled my eyes and said “Universe! You have got to be kidding!!! I have been through enough changes since the fire in the past two years.”

Reading further it said to not fear these changes, embrace them as it means you are pointed in the direction of your divine purpose. I smiled, said “Thank you Universe” then took out my Power Animal Oracle cards which I haven’t used in some time.

As I opened the box I sighed “Universe you are trying to tell me something. What is it?”

I took the cards out and turned them over. Immediately I saw Snake which brought a quick smile to my face. I turned them over again beginning the shuffle. A few seconds later several cards popped out and fell to the floor. Laughing I said “Ok Universe I get it, it’s a long message”

The first card I so hastily ignored demanded attention: Snake “You are a Healer”

This card speaks of being an instrument of healing through the Divine Spirit. The hands and heart energies should remain clear and any energies absorbed should be released into Mother Earth. Through aiding others with their pain so will you transform yourself through love for others. “Ok Universe you want me to keep doing energy work but make sure I protect, cleanse and release.”

The second: Squirrel “Preparation for Big Changes”

Like the 555 message this card foretells change is coming. Prepare the mind to embrace these changes in a positive outlook. Do not worry or fear the changes, be alert and seek support from loved ones. Big Sigh… “OK Universe I am ready and welcome more changes”

The third: Raven “Magic, Own your Power”

You are more powerful than you think. Again, don’t worry, don’t fear, don’t doubt it or come up with reasons why not to own this personal strength and power. Just get out there and do what you are meant to do. I started laughing, my whole body shaking as my teacher, mentor and friend keeps telling me this. I joke in return “I am bigger than Tony Robbins”

The fourth: Porcupine “Innocence, Free Yourself of Guilt and Shame”

Find the child inside, be pure, innocent, trusting, free to be your true-self. Don’t allow other’s words and actions to cause you bitterness, to be a victim or be unkindly towards others. Live in the moment enjoying each experience.  “Universe I got this one covered don’t worry, I am a big kid and love to have fun”

The fifth: Monkey “Ingenuity, Adaptability and Innovation.

Be creative, come up with new ideas and act quickly to change. Do not get stuck but swing from tree to tree fluidly. Take things as they come, don’t get hung up on something not working, try a new approach. It will be a better way. “Hmmm, I feel like I’ve been swinging all over the place and maybe falling out of trees, time to get resourceful”

And last but not least Elephant “Resolve, You will Overcome any Obstacles”

The message profoundly exclaims to MOVE forward toward the fulfillment of your heart’s desire. Don’t allow ego’s and others disapproval to stop you or allow distractions to take you off your course. Keep going you are almost there. Speak and Live your truth. “Got it! Keep on keeping on, forget the shiny things and just do it”

What are your thoughts about these incredible messages I received? Do you have a similar profound message you received?


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