What the heck is a Chakra?

Hi everyone! You have heard me talk of Chakras and the service I provide called Chakra Clearing with Crystals but what the heck is a Chakra you ask?


Well simply we are all energy, everything around us is energy. Our “body” feels the energy around us through the 7 Major Chakras. If you could “see” them and some people can, they would be spinning wheels or vortexes. These spinning wheels “feel” the energies, positive, negative, neutral and in the ideal situation allow the energy to flow through us.

When the energies become stuck in one or more of our Chakras that’s where we can have problems. We may feel out of balance, experience illness, discomfort or disease and essentially not feel like ourselves.

When our Chakras are balanced we feel happy, joyful, peaceful, in the present, alive and full of energy. Basically the energy is flowing in, through and out into the universe. It gives us more energy and then we pass that on.

I will talk more of the different Chakras in the coming days.


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