Getting to the Root of it All

A lot of people talk about the crown Chakra being the most important but I disagree. Without a strong root system your body can not be grounded nor can it develop, grow and flourish.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. It represents life, survival and security. Have you ever been in danger and feel a jolt of energy or pain in your genitals? This is your Root Chakra warning you of danger.

I am a fainter. When I’m about to faint this is where I feel it. Fight or Flight syndrome? This is it where you feel it. Your Root is balanced when you feel safe, secure, grounded and your life is going along smoothly.

If you are feeling disconnected, flighty, depressed, can’t think clearly, disorganized, forgetful, little or no sex desire you are under-balanced.

Over-balanced you may be quick to anger, judgemental, annoyed, aggressive, materialistic, overactive sex drive.

Things to help balance your Root: get outside in nature, take your shoes off, walk in the grass or on the beach, take a bath, drink herbal tea like dandelion root, eat juicy apples, beets or other root vegetables, surround yourself in the colour red, stop to smell the red roses, tulips, meditate with root crystals like my favourite black obsidian. Essential oils such as frankincense, cedarwood are helpful to diffuse, listening to music with lots of drums and dancing will also help with balancing.

Are you having any Root issues? Colon, bladder, lower back, leg, eating disorders, nightmares?

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