The Love Chakra

The 4th and Heart Chakra is located at the centre of the chest. I love this Chakra as it      IS all about LOVE! Loving others, loving yourself, showing compassion, empathy and forgiveness for others and yourself for things you keep beating yourself up about. Things that happened in the past. Let these things go as they no longer serve you. They are baggage that keeps growing, getting heavier and heavier. Who has time for that? Be free… set them free.

Are you feeling lonely, dealing with a broken heart, longing for the one who got away, just can’t forgive that nasty co-worker who stabbed you in the back or that childhood “friend” who stuck candy in your hair then you mom cut that beautiful hair that reached your bum into an 80’s style mullet? What? Oh!!! Sorry got off on a tangent there.

You can help balance your Sacral by thinking about that person who wronged you, really visualize that person, the experience, sit with it a moment, honour the feelings, really feel them, then say aloud: I forgive you, mean it. Take a deep breathe then blow it away into the wind. You are free! Do you feel a bit lighter? A bit more carefree?

As green or pink are the colours of the heart chakra introduce more greenery, live plants into your home, get outside and breathe in the scents of the forest, flowers, fresh air, salt air, enjoy a walk in the rain or fog (just not near a cliff). Go to Ireland it’s magically green.
Enjoy all those wonderful leafy green vegetables full of rich antioxidants, a green apple, green smoothie. Don’t hate me it’s good for you!

I use rose quartz crystals while performing chakra clearings as it heals the heart and helps with love and relationships. I have a love hate relationship with Amazonite but it really helps get me uncomfortable and there change can happen. Jade is also a lovely crystal for the heart as it helps release negativity and emotional pain. Bonus it’s also a crystal for wealth and money issues.

Are you having any Heart Chakra issues? Fear of intimacy? Asthma,allergies, lung or chest issues? Unable to open up to others, show your true self or allow people to love you?


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