Feeling a Bit Blue?

The Throat and 5th Chakra is located in the center of the throat. This is your communication and listening center. People who experience the proverbial frog in the throat syndrome may have issues with this Chakra.

Despite having my tonsils removed at an early age, I had problems my whole life in this area.

I was very shy, my words constantly got caught in my throat, I had a fear of public speaking (still do in groups larger than 3) and needed to clear my throat quite a bit. Although blockages in this area may also affect listening as I mentioned above, I learned to become a very good listener with great insight into other people’s issues. Listening also took the pressure off speaking for me.

I still remember the day I met my Chakra Clearing teacher, mentor and friend while looking for a gift at The Crystal Cave. I found the gift and Mark Presnail, a bare foot dude who was staring at my aura and now standing in my personal space. I thought as I started to back away “Hey strange dude, I just want to buy a crystal, do you even work here?”

He then asked me about my throat chakra being clogged, said I have trouble speaking my mind, sore throats and much more as I stared at him wide eyed, mouth agape. He wanted to play my throat. I thought “What the heck is a throat chakra, play my throat?” while looking around for an escape from crazy town. WTF!!! Instead I was led to the crystal bowls where he played my throat.

The vibrations of the crystal bowl went right though me. I thought “How did he know about my plaguing throat issues?” Immediately my throat felt open and no longer sore. I still wanted to flee but he told me more things he could not possibly know. For more on this story check my post from April 7, 2016 as it totally changed me, my life, why I have this page, my website, my business and why I write all this crazy content.

Of course, Mark and I can help balance your Throat Chakra or all your Chakras or here are some suggestions you can do for yourself:

Try a shoulder stand yoga pose… if your name is wonder woman or super flexible like an Olympic gymnast possibly. If you are like me and not that, maybe google fish pose which can help strengthen upper back muscles, back of neck or lion pose which may aide in supporting lungs, throat and our vocal chords.

Try singing more, who cares if anyone is listening or watching while you are driving as you belt out Bohemian Rhapsody. Drink lots of water, gargle with salt water, eat blueberries or blackberries, drink licorice root, chamomile or peppermint tea. Meditate with one of my favorite crystals blue lace agate. I like the raw form not tumbled or try lapis lazuli.

Are you having any Throat Chakra issues like some of my shared experiences? Do you have headaches, thyroid issues, mouth/dental problems, social anxiety, fearful, inability to express thoughts, arrogant, deceptive, manipulative?

Speak the truth and show your true self to others instead of a disguise. Your Throat Chakra will begin to open.

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