To See or Not to See

This brings us to the Third Eye and 6th Chakra which is in the centre of the forehead just above the eyebrows.

This is your connection to Spirit, intuition, insight, clarity, self-confidence, and sixth sense.

For some reason when I started this spirituality journey, I became frustrated as I couldn’t “see” anything when I meditated. I couldn’t “see” anything when I began practicing clearings.

Reading about this Chakra I came across stories to expect a popping sound when your third eye opens then be prepared for what you wish for as you will see things that can not be unseen. It scared the friggin crap out of me, so I prayed my third eye would never open and instead focused on awaking my Kundalini.

Those stories frightened me even more, so I went with some nice relaxing guided meditations and soothing music. Man! Who knew this path to enlightenment was so scary!!! Thank goodness I have wonderful mentors and amazing groups I found along the way to help guide me.

Are you having Third Eye Chakra issues? Do you have headaches, playing out events in your mind that are not real? Unable to concentrate, lack of imagination, no connection to a higher spirit, depression or other forms of mental or emotional illness?

Meditate with purple amethyst crystals (watch for my Geode story soon). Try scrying into a ball of black obsidian (picture gazing into a crystal ball for enlightenment). Indigo kyanite can help activate the pineal gland which can become calcified.

Recommended Third eye yoga poses: Standing forward bend, Dolphin or Child’s pose.

Eat dark chocolate, eggplant, purple cabbage, drink lavender tea. Include purple or indigo colours in your home décor, jewellery or clothing. Burn patchouli incense.

Amethyst Wings

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