Several months ago I woke up thinking “I will never get through this day!!!”

I was lying in bed then bolted straight up. “Who the eff said that?”

I literally looked around the room to see who was speaking to me. “Who is this negative arsehole?” Then I realized it WAS me!!! It shook me to my very core.

Here I was just waking up, just coming back into my body, just becoming Me and this was my very first thought. What the heck was that!!!

I said to myself “Donna YOU are going to have a GREAT day, an Incredible spectacular day” and you know what? I DID!!!

I thought, if I could be speaking to myself like this when I first wake up, then there must be other fabulous ladies experiencing the same BS.

This started a labour of love and frustration in the form of a 7 day Thoughts Journal.

Grab your freebie here

RGE Positive Thoughts June 22, 2019

Much Love and Gratitude




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