How many people do you know who wish they could have a different life? If only they won the lottery, met the perfect partner, found their ideal job making 6 figures. If only this or that happened, then they would finally be happy…

Donna O’Reilly founder of Rare Guiding Energy was one of those people living the same day over and over. She was working in a male dominated industry that paid extremely well, offered great benefits but she hated her job. She worked hard, stayed late, planned events, chaired the wellness committee and much more. Donna was literally the office angel. Sadly, it was not enough… Despite her efforts she could not grasp the elusive promotion to her “ideal job”.

Donna requested vacation for the following week, gathered her personal belongings then waited with abated breath until Friday. With belongings in tow she skipped out the door singing “I’m Free”. Her hunched body immediately straightened as the immense stress rose off her shoulders. Taking a deep breath, she raised her face towards the shining sun smiling joyfully. She only had a week off but VOWED to find more fulfilling employment within that time.

By the following week Donna’s wish to have a different life came true.  Her community was ravaged by the wildfire nicknamed “The Beast” which destroyed her home. Along with over 50,000 other people Donna and her separated family sought safe shelter through the help and kindness of strangers.  A few days later both Donna and her husband were laid off from their jobs. As they began to settle in a temporary home Donna’s mom summoned her home to Newfoundland. Her father was terminally ill in hospital. Two months later surrounded by family Donna said goodbye to her beloved Dad as he passed peaceful away.

Returning deflated to her temporary home in Alberta Donna was a complete mess. The noise of her previous life melted away. In the quiet she started rebuilding her life slowly from the ground up. Through writing again Donna created a character profile of herself. She had a revelation of what roadblocks were holding her back from finding her true purpose in life: FEAR! Fear that was rooted in past events and experiences.

Donna thought:

“Wow! if everyone could create their own profile and have the same experience then NOTHING would hold them back from success. By self-discovery they may be able to eliminate these roadblocks to reach their goals.”

She started a plan to reach wonderful women like her uncover the path to reinvent themselves, mindful of her Dad’s important message whispered to her just before he died:

“This is not living, this is just existing.”

According to Donna:

“If the fire and job loss had not happened this precious time spent with my father and family would not have been possible. I’m having fun with family and friends, living in the joy of each moment while creating my own adventures. I no longer just exist, I live to live”

And thus Rare Guiding Energy was born.

Location Calgary, AB T2E 4X6 Phone (780) 370-6842 E-mail donnao@rareguidingenergy.ca Hours M-F: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Sunday: Enjoying Family Life
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