About Owner Donna O’Reilly


Thank you for checking out my website.

I am Donna O’Reilly the voice behind Rare Guiding Energy.

Think of me as your Helper or Teacher Guide.

I will assist you as little or as much as you need. Through guidance you will find your own path. It is there right before you. You just need a little nudge in the right direction.

From an early age it seemed I was destined for a life of rainy days, black clouds (ok I did grow up in one of the rainiest/foggiest places on earth) and some of the worst life changing experiences.

During some of these shitty times I did break down, cry, rant, rave, get depressed, get angry with myself, God, the Universe or blame others.

Most importantly I always got back up!

I wiped away the tears, painted on a smile, took one, two steps or dragged myself up a flight of stairs. Sometimes it took minutes or months. Often Hawkins cheezies, ice cream and delicious craft beer helped.

Over the years I slowly went from pondering:

“Why are these horrible things happening to me?”


“Ok Universe! I get it! “This IS my life purpose”, “So, um Universe how the heck do I do this?”

So, you are wondering “How the heck did she get from complete loser with a bad attitude to da dah da dah Wonder Woman?”


Grab a tea, coffee, wine, or delicious nectar of the Gods!


two persons holding drinking glasses filled with beer
Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com

Several years ago, I began a Journey.

I used to be a single mom, my son had ODD & ADHD, my daughter was a gifted athlete. I worked full-time, chaperoned, chauffeured, and volunteered.

I was not taking care of myself; did not know who I was or what the heck I was supposed to be doing. I lost my sense of self. I needed HELP!!!

Once I “asked”, I found my mentors, teachers, guides who helped change my outlook.

Through guided deep soul searching, lifetime issues that kept me stuck in the past were released. This new spiritual path also led me to an awakening which opened my Chakras. This allowed me to see love and beauty in everything. I began self-care, eating better, walking, then hiking and even joined roller derby.

Before, I was on autopilot, living in my head, fueled by emotions, often wishing for a different life. Although my job paid extremely well with great benefits, I felt unfulfilled and unappreciated.

One day I decided to find a new life.

The following week my wish to have a different life came true. My community, home and belongings were ravaged by wildfire. Both my kids became separated from us. Through the help and kindness of strangers, our kids were reunited with us and my spouse and I provided safe shelter.

A few days later both my husband and I were laid off.

As we began to settle in a temporary home in a new city, my mom summoned me home to Newfoundland. Dad was terminally ill in hospital. Two months after helping care for Dad, reconnecting with him and family, we said goodbye to my beloved, funny, loving Father as he passed peaceful away.

Returning to another new temporary home, I was a complete mess, deflated, a shell. The noise of my previous life melted away. In the quiet Nothingness, I started rebuilding my life and self slowly from the ground up. Through writing again, I created a character profile of myself. I had a revelation of what roadblocks were holding me back from finding my true purpose in life: FEAR! Fear that was rooted in past events and experiences.

I thought if every woman could have this same experience then NOTHING would stop them from being successful.

I started a plan to share this tool together with opening space to live a beautiful life filled with love, joy, laughter, and creativity. Mindful of Dad’s important message whispered to me just before he died:

“This is not living, this is just existing.”

Do you want to be stuck living the same life over and over?


Are you ready to get up, wipe those tears and start stepping like I did?

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