About Rare Guiding Energy

Many of us live the same day over and over feeling unfulfilled with no clear purpose.

As moms and caregivers, we tend to put everyone else first. At the end of the day there is not much left.

We may be struggling with raising our teenage kids, dealing with parent’s illness, long term care or death.

Our hectic work, life balances do not offer much free ME time.

Now that the kids are grown, working or left the nest, our family dynamics have changed. Our sense of self may have changed and it’s frightening.

Maybe we are no longer in a relationship and starting over.

Perhaps as we get older, we wonder if there is enough time left to do all the things on our bucket list or haven’t even thought about a bucket list.

Rare Guiding Energy’s Owner and Facilitator Donna O’Reilly teaches women how to make self-care a priority which leads to a positive, beautiful life filled with love, joy and laughter.