About Rare Guiding Energy

Many of us live the same day over, feeling unfulfilled with no clear purpose.

Rare Guiding Energy teaches women to open space for a positive, beautiful life filled with love, joy, laughter and creativity.

As moms and caregivers, we tend to put everyone else first. At the end of the day there is not much left.

We may be struggling with:

  • Hectic work/life balances during these uncertain times
  • Home schooling/raising teenagers while working from home
  • Seeking employment after being laid off due to Covid-19
  • Financial struggles with CERB ending
  • Aging parents, illness, long term care or grief due to their death.
  • Little to no free ME time.
  • Feeling lonely from being too isolated
  • Mourning your previous lifestyle and activities

Perhaps the kids are grown, working or left the nest and your family dynamics have changed.

Maybe you are no longer in a relationship and starting over.

Your sense of self may have changed, and it can be scary.

Do you wonder if there is enough time left to complete your bucket list, have not thought about a bucket list or feel you won’t be able to afford such dreams?

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