Home Organization/De-Cluttering

$25 per Hour

Free Consultation 30 minutes
Available in person or online

Let’s look at the areas causing discomfort/disharmony then discuss your envision of a peaceful environment.

We work together to achieve this with as much assistance as you require.

Seasonal Decorating

$25 per Hour

Free Consultation 30 minutes
Available in person or online

Not feeling like decorating for Christmas?
You don’t have time ?
Just don’t have the energy right now?
That’s OK!!!
Using your own decorations, I will create your vision of Christmas inside or outside.
(Sorry I can not put up lights on your garages/roofs)

Financial De-Cluttering

Check out my free 4 Week De-Clutter Your Finances Challenge on my Facebook page



Price varies (4 hours and up )

380F9C71-A8A9-476B-85DD-04B0474221D2Contact Rare Guiding Energy

Free Consultation 30 minutes
Available in person or online

What’s your Rare Guiding Energy (RGE) Story?

E15D44A7-F10F-4B72-A88A-D1DD54824171Per 60 minute Session $75

Working with the RGE guide clients will discover for themselves how experiences from their past link to their reluctance to pursue their ambitions. They will also discover their passions, create short and long-term goals and write a new story for themselves.

Clients will opt to work directly with the RGE guide or offerings of de-cluttering/home organization and chakra clearings. Through body work clients will feel safe, secure and gain the confidence to believe in themselves again, that they are worthy, important and strong.

Please see below for body work offerings:

Chakra Clearing with Crystals

90 Minute Session $75


Removes negative energies, blockages, discomfort from the 7 major Chakras then fills clients with positive energy. Clearing these negative energies out of their body may enlighten, re-energize and make them feel refreshed.

Indian Head Massage

30 Minute Session $50 •


A holistic massage applied to the head, neck and upper back areas while the client is seated and either partially or fully clothed. It is a treatment that involves the therapist using their hands to knead, rub and squeeze the body’s soft tissues, such as the muscles. The methods used are designed to promote relaxation, to relieve stress related to muscle tension and to improve blow flow in the head and neck areas. Its prime use is in stress relief and promoting relaxation.

Hand Reflexology

30 Minute Session $40


An ancient healing art that involves gentle precise pressure point massage to the hands. Based on the principle that our body is reflected in miniature on our hands and feet, reflexology works by clearing energy blockages in the body. By stimulating reflex points and areas in the hands the body is encouraged to heal itself. A lot of tension can be stored in the hands, it is possible to relax the whole body and create a feeling of well-being and peacefulness by working on the hands.